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Deep brand connection through engagement online and offline
Turn every offline customer interaction into a warm lead for your company. Manage effective social extension for all experiential campaigns and activations.
How it works
Share to brand Facebook page
Bring all engagement back to your property. All likes, comments and tags are attributed directly to your Centre Facebook page supercharging organic reach through engagement. Best suitable for staffed activations.
Photo taken with themed branded overlay
Customer details entered, inc Name, Email, VIP opt in
Photo uploaded to the company Facebook page
Email and SMS with the photo link sent to each customer
Customer comments on their photo to enter the competition
Share via branded Web Gallery
Web gallery sharing comes with moderation option where you can pre-approve every photo before it appears online. Share to a branded gallery and send customer an email and/or SMS with a link. From gallery, enable sharing to all social networks from the gallery including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc Ideal for long terms installations, GIFs and influencer events.
Photo taken with themed branded overlay
Customer details entered, inc Name, Email, VIP opt in
Photo uploaded to a web gallery (on interlike or company url)
Email and SMS with the photo preview sent to each customer
Customer shares photo to Facebook to enter the competition
Smart Platform
Insights report. eDM delivery, open and click through rates. Collect database with pre-set required fields (i.e. email, name, phone number) Available for export in .csv format
Custom photo filters, doodle colour, graphic overlays, photo description incl. URLs and #tags, email branding, subject and body text
Photo Drawing
Users can draw on and autograph their pictures before sharing
Overlay Flexibility
Customers can swipe to select from multiple graphic overlays. Caters for groups, selfies and line by sight creative in one campaign
Easy Steps
MyInterlike set up
We set up your account at MyInterlike dashboard. We'll also open a specific iCloud account, set up a generic email and test pages
We develop your first campaign, train your staff, handover the devices and MyInterlike dashboard. We provide access to our best practices and howtos
We provide on call support, scheduled updates and emergency hardware replacement. We also have certified event partners who can execute your campaigns in ANZ
Find out if is right for your business objectives during a 15 min discovery session with our experts. Let us know who you are below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to schedule your session.